Public Services

2017-- ---- Assessment Panel Member, Enterprise Support Scheme, Innovation and Technology Fund, Innovation and Technology Commission
2017-- ---- Advisory Committee Member, Innovation and Technology Venture Fund, Innovation and Technology Bureau
2017-- ---- Steering Committee Member, Child Development Fund, Labour and Welfare Bureau
2016-- ---- Member, Property Management Services Authority
-- Convenor, IT System Development Group
-- Member, Finance and Strategic Development Standing Committee
-- Member, Licensing Standing Committee
-- Member, Professional Development Standing Committee
2016-- ---- Member, Consumer Council
-- Member, IT Advisory Group
-- Member, Publicity and Community Relations Committee
-- Member, Trade Practices and Consumer Complaints Review Committee
2015-- ---- Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel Lay Member, Judiciary Hong Kong
2014-- ---- Non-Panel Reviewer, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Central Policy Unit
2013-- ---- Transport Tribunals’ Panel Member, Transport and Housing Bureau
2012-- ---- Advisory Committee Member (Tertiary Education Representative), Education Development Fund (HKSAR EDB)


Social Services

2017-- ---- ExCo Member, CityU Eminence Society
2017-- ---- Solution Seeker, Hong Kong Seek Road
2016--2016 Honorary Advisor, Golden Flower Award 2016 
2015-- ---- Chairman, TotalTact Network
2015-- ---- School Manager, C.C.C. Kei Long College
2015--2016 Director, Hong Kong United Youth Technology Association
2015--2016 Director, Hong Kong United Youth Association
2015--2016 Chairman (ExCo), "Ideal Hong Kong" Book and Lyrics Competition
2014-- ---- Chairman, Educational Technology Steering Committee, UNESCO Hong Kong Association
2014-- ---- Associate Vice-President (Educational Technology), UNESCO Hong Kong Association
2014-- ---- Vice-President, Hong Kong Public Administration Association
2012--2015 Chairman & Director, Hong Kong Mensa
2012--2014 ExCo MemberHong Kong Public Administration Association
2011--2015 School Manager, C.C.C. Mong Man Wai College
2011--2014 Founder and Convenor, Mensapolitan-Metrosapiens
2010--2012 Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Mensa
2010--2012 Deputy Chief Campaigner, Roundtable Pioneers
2008--2010 Deputy Chief Campaigner, Roundtable Research and Education Community


Professional Services

2014-- ---- Associate Editor, Public Administration and Policy: An Asia-Pacific Journal
2014-- ---- Convenor, IT Taskforce, Federation of Self-financing Tertiary Education
2014-- ---- President (Education), Young Professionals Alliance
2013-- ---- Assessor, The Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI): Technological Achievement
2011--2014  Steering Committee MemberHKU CITE E2 project: Provision of Services for Conducting the Research Study on the Pilot Scheme on e-learning in (60) Schools (Commissioned by EDB)
2010-- ---- Associate Editor, Journal of Education
2008--2008 Associate Editor, The International Journal of Learning
2008--2008 Associate Editor, The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society
2008--2008 Associate Editor, The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management
2008--2008 Associate Editor, Journal of the World Universities Forum
2005-- ---- Member, The IEEE Education Society
2005-- ---- MIEEE, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, US
2005-- ---- MIET, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK
2002--2006 Management Team Member, World Bank & COL - Global Distance Education Network
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