Edited Books

IntellPolicy cr   陈继宇 (编) (2014) 智看政策,香港:邦盟汇骏创意有限公司,ISBN: 978-988-15059-9-6,全书108页。
Chan, J. K. Y. (Ed.) Public Policy from Intellectual Perspectives, HK: BMI, ISBN: 978-988-15059-9-6
  冼权锋、陈洪基、陈继宇 (合编) (2003) 特殊教育资讯科技:从认识到实践,香港:优质教育基金。
Sin, KFK, Chan, HK, & Chan, JKY (Eds.). (2003). Information Technology in Special Education: From Understanding to Practice, Hong Kong : Quality Education Fund.
  冼权锋、陈继宇 (合编) (2002) 迈向成功的融合教育 -- 电子版,香港:优质教育基金。
Sin, KFK, & Chan, JKY (Eds.). (2002). Making Integration Successful -- Electronic Version, HK: Quality Education Fund.
  Crawford, N., & Chan, JKY (Eds.) (2001). Learning to do Classroom Research -- Electronic Version.< /em> HK: The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
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