Dr. Jason Chan, JP 陳繼宇博士 太平紳士

EdD (Bristol); MET (UBC); MSc, BA(1st Hons) (CityU); SCPM (Stanford); MIET, MIEEE, Mensan

JasonChan UN

  • 10 Outstanding CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • Head of IT, PolyU CPCE
  • Chairman, TotalTact Network
  • Member, Consumer Council
  • Member, Property Management Services Authority
  • Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel Member, Judiciary Hong Kong
  • Transport Tribunals’ Panel Member, Transport and Housing Bureau
  • Non-Panel Reviewer, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Central Policy Unit
  • Steering Committee Member, Child Development Fund, Labour and Welfare Bureau
  • Advisory Committee Member, Innovation and Technology Venture Fund, Innovation and Technology Bureau
  • Assessment Panel Member, Enterprise Support Scheme, Innovation and Technology Fund, Innovation and Technology Commission
  • Advisory Committee Member (Tertiary Education Representative), Education Development Fund, Education Bureau
  • President (Education), Young Professionals Alliance
  • Vice-President, HK Public Administration Association
  • Associate Vice-President (Educational Technology), UNESCO-HK Association
  • Advisory Committee Member, eLearning of HK PolyU


  • Strategic Planning and Management;
  • A.I., Machine Learning, Big Data, Social Media;
  • Public and Social Policy;
  • Educational Technology;
  • Research Methodology;
  • E-Governance

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Dr.Jason.Chan/

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonology

Office: http://itu.cpce-polyu.edu.hk

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